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Spy Fox: Operation Robohund

Aufrufe: 7009
After the opening sequence, you will find yourself in a Ski Shack. Move your pointer to the bottom of the screen to open Fox's inventory. Click on the SPY Gadget Holder to open it and click on the Dehydrated Skis. Move the Dehydrated Skis to the bucket of water, and then click on the exit. Fox will take off down the mountain.

Meeting Napoleon LeRoach
To meet LeRoach, you must enter the World's Fair through the Service Entrance, but there is a complication: only Employees can enter here. Talk to Ralph the Kitchen Guard. He will tell you who is allowed to pass. Go to the Free Photo Booth and choose a costume and background to match the profession allowed through the Service Entrance. Then go back to SPY Corps Mobile Command and click on the ID Maker. Insert the Photo, choose the correct profession, and choose a name. Take the ID Card.
Go outside and show the ID card you made to Ralph. If you made it properly, he will let you into the Kitchen. Go through the door into the Revolving Restaurant.

The DogBot Jail Escape
To escape the Jaws of the DogBot, you must click on the Loose Panel. Pick up the gears and click them on the spots where you think they will fit. If the gear is the wrong size, SPY Fox will tell you so. When you have filled all the holes with Gears, click on the Handle and the Fire Escape will open. Go down the ladder to complete the escape.

Walter Wireless in Wee World
After picking up Walter Wireless at the SPY Corps Mobile Command, take him to Wee World. Enter Wee World and place Walter on the central exhibit. Once Walter is inside, he must navigate through the house, so he can talk to Dotti Dash, the MicroFish. Pay attention to the buttons on the walls of the house. If you click on them correctly, they will open the way to the MicroFish. Dotti Dash will always have the Activator Code, in both Game Paths.
Please remember that you can neither save the game nor play "Things from Space" while playing as Walter Wireless in Wee World. Walter does not own a SPY Watch.
If you need help getting into Wee World, or getting past the Alarm, please see the appropriate section below.

Breath Analyzer
To fool the DogBot Breath Analyzer and get into the Base of the DogBot at its Achilles Heel, you must first discover what food is required for the Breath Analyzer. Go to the Base of the DogBot and pick up the Rose-tinted Glasses that the SMELLY goon drops. Go to the Binocular lookout, past the Caped Cod, and put on the Rose-tinted Glasses. Look through the Binoculars. You will see the Food that you must eat to pass the Breath Analyzer and a Food Talk Balloon will be put in your inventory. Go to the Kitchen and give the Food Talk Balloon to Chef Dinah. She will tell you what she needs to make the Food. Once you have the Ingredients, bring them back to Dinah; she will make you the Food, and Fox will eat it. Go back to the DogBot Breath Analyzer and click on it to enter.

On the Flytrap Path, Chef Dinah will give you one of the Ingredients. Take it to the Ewe-Clone-It Exhibit and clone it. Take it back to Dinah and she will give you the Food.
On the Destructolux/Restructolux Path, Dinah will tell you which Ingredient she needs. Get it from the Food-on-a-Stick Exhibit and take it to the Ewe-Clone-It Exhibit and clone it. Take it back to Dinah and she will give you the Food.

DogBot Control Panel and Deactivating the Evil DogBot
To open this Door, you will need a Fingerprint that matches that of Napoleon LeRoach. You can only do this after retrieving both the Off Switch and the Activation Code. To get the Fingerprint, you must first click on the door that leads to the Dogbot control panel, inside the evil Dogbot. This will start a scene where SPY Fox will try to get in the door using the fingerprint recognition device connected to the door. He will be denied access and he will say that he needs a copy of LeRoach's fingerprint. Go to the SPY Corps Mobile Command Center and get the Fingerprint Replicator Utensil Kit from the SPY Gadget Vending Machine. Take it to the Kitchen and click the Utensil on the Food, which is on the counter waiting to be taken into the Dining Room. Then take what's left of the Utensils into the DogBot Control Panel Room and use it on the DogBot Control Panel. This will open the Door.
Then you can deactivate the DogBot! Just attach the Off Switch in the only place it fits, and enter the Code.

Bonus Ending
To capture LeRoach and see the Bonus Ending, first you must set the Off Switch and Activation Code. Then, as LeRoach runs away, click on the Manhole Cover to follow him into the Sewers. Once there, exit to the rooms below LeRoach's chair. Notice the two large pipes - one is pink and the other is blue. Go to the pink pipe-mover contraption. Click the pink button twice. This will move the pink pipe out of the way. The blue pipe, which leads to SPY Corps' jail, will move into place. Go to the room at the base of LeRoach's chair. Get the Hammer on the wall. Return to the room with the blue pipe-mover contraption. Click the Hammer on the safety glass shielding the Emergency Wrench. Take the Wrench and return to the base of LeRoach's chair. Use the wrench on the bolt. This bolt removes the grate from the vertical pipe. After the grate is removed, return to the top floor near LeRoach's chair and click on the blue-handled lever.

Things From Space
While playing "Things From Space", accessible through the Fun Button on the SPY Watch, you can press the 1, 2, or 3 keys on your computer keyboard to change and upgrade your weapons.

The Venus Flytrap Path Back to Top
This is the easier of the two paths. In this path, your must retrieve the Off Switch from the Venus Flytrap in Plant World, and must get the key to Wee World in order to speak with Dotti Dash, the MicroFish and get the Activation Code.

Entering Wee World
To get into Wee World in the Flytrap Path, you must have a Key. Go to SPY Corps Mobile Command and get the SPY Key Replicator. Go to Wee World and check out the number on top of the Wee World Exhibit Door. Click the SPY Key Replicator on the keys and choose the Key that matches the number above the door. Once you have a Hard Copy Key, take it back to Wee World and open the door.

Chef Dinah and the Wax Museum
Chef Dinah will let you use her Oven if she thinks you are a Chef. Go to SPY Corps Mobile Command and get the SPY Heat from the SPY Gadget Vending Machine. Take it to the Wax Museum and use it on the Thermometer. The Thermometer will get hot and Cooper the Guard will go to call the Air Conditioning Repairman. Go into the Wax Museum and take the Chef Outfit. Go back to the Kitchen and put it on. Dinah will think you are a Chef and will let you use her Oven. Click the SPY Key Replicator Photo on the Oven to make a Hard Copy Key.

Lenny and the Combination Leaf
After you give Madame Ladybug the Rose, and exit Plant World, MonkeyPenny will contact you via the SPY Watch. Go to the Food-of-the-Future Exhibit [also known as the Food-on-a-Stick Exhibit] and pick up the Caramel Apple. Lenny the Informant Worm is in the Caramel Apple, and will give you a Leaf with the Cage Combination on it. Go back to Plant World and Click the Leaf on the Magnifying Glass to read the Combination. For help trading the Rose for the Flytrap, see below.

Rose vs. Flytrap
You need a Rose to trade to Madame Ladybug for the Flytrap. To get the Rose, you will need to talk to Victor at the Ice-Skating Rink.

Click Madame Ladybug's Talk Balloon on Victor and he will tell you about winning a Rose for skating perfectly. Take his Talk Balloon to Bea Bear in the Massage Parlor. She is an expert Ice-Skater and will give you the Ice-Skating Diagram. Go to SPY Corps Mobile Command and get the SPY Skates from the SPY Vending Machine. Go to the Ice-Skating Rink and put on the SPY Skates. Click the Ice-Skating Diagram on the SPY Skates and watch Fox Skate. Victor will give Fox the Rose, which you then take to Madame Ladybug to trade for the Flytrap.

Get the Off-Switch from the Flytrap
After freeing the Flytrap from the Cage, go to the Caped Cod. He will lend you his Dark Goggles if you give him the Clear Goggles. To get the Clear Goggles, enter the Achilles Heel of the DogBot. Take the Jet-Shoe Elevator to the next floor. Go left. Sneak past the welder to the next room. Flip the Switch on the back wall from Slow to Fast. Return to the previous room and grab the Goggles. Go back to the Caped Cod and give him the Clear Goggles. After you watch his stunt, take the Dark Goggles.
Go back to the DogBot Heel. Take the Jet-Shoe Elevator. Put on the Dark Goggles. Enter the room to the right. Go up and to the left to the Flytrap Feeding Room. Take the Flytrap from your inventory and put it in the Plant Holder. Exit to the Blinding Light Room and then to the next room. Click on the Flytrap Feeding Button. Return to the Flytrap Feeding Room and retrieve the Off Switch.

The Destructolux/Restructolux Path
This is the more difficult of the two Paths. In it you must use the Destructolux and Restructolux machines to get the Off Switch, and get past the Alarm in Wee World to talk to Dotti Dash, the MicroFish, and get the Activation Code.

Wee World Alarm
Get the Alarm Deactivator Alligator Clips from SPY Corps Mobile Command. Then, go to Wee World and talk to Haggis, the Guard, so he will step away from the Open/Closed sign. Use the Red Lever to switch the sign from Closed to Open. Enter Wee World and note the flashing colors on the Floor and the sound the Alarm makes. Get on the Lift and push the appropriate buttons to Move above the door to the Alarm. Click your Alarm Deactivator on the Alarm. Click the arrows at the top of the Alarm until the colors match the sequence blinking on the floor. This will turn off the electricity to the Alarm. Then click the Alarm Deactivator Clips - which are now at the bottom of the Alarm screen - on the pictures matching the sound the Alarm was making. Now you can get down off the Lift and click Walter Wireless on the Wee World Exhibit. There you can meet Dotti Dash, the MicroFish, who will give you the Activation Code.

Obtaining and Using the Destructolux
Get the Destructolux from the Revolving Restaurant, next to LeRoach. Watch the Science Movie to get the Two-Digit Code. Get the Three-Letter Code from one of the Statues in the Wax Museum. Punch the two Codes into the Destructolux, and attach the Stealth Vac, available at SPY Corps Mobile Command. The Off Switch is now in the Stealth Vac, and finding the Restructolux will allow you to reconstruct it.

Wax Museum & Ice-Skating Trophy
MonkeyPenny will contact you via the SPY Watch and tell you which Trophy the Rebus is in. Go to the Ice-Skating Rink and wait until Victor has turned his back. Click on the Trophy to receive the Rebus. If you click on the wrong Trophy, don't worry… Victor will turn his back again. The Rebus will give you the clue for which Statue to look in.
Go to SPY Corps Mobile Command and get the Termite Grenade from the SPY Gadget Vending Machine. Go to the Front Gate and get a Postcard of the Wax Museum. Go to the Wax Museum and put the Postcard on the Camera. Click the Termite Grenade on the Statue that matches the Rebus. Now you have the Restructolux Code.

Using the Restructolux and getting the Off Switch
Once you have the Cape and have gone through the Air Vent, you will see the Restructolux. Attach the full Stealth Vac to it and enter the Two-Digit and Three-Letter Codes. Now you have the Off Switch!
If you need help obtaining the Cape or going through the Air Vent, please see below.

The Cape and the Air Vent
To get through the Air Vent in the Evil DogBot, you will need the Cape. Talk to the Amazing Caped Cod. Then use the Caped Cod's Talk Balloon on Elmo, his Number One Fan. Keep talking to one and then the other, until they agree to meet. Then click on the Cape, which the Caped Cod leaves at his Exhibit. When you get to the Evil DogBot, enter the Wind Tunnel. Turn off the Wind by Clicking the Off Button on the Wind Tunnel Control Panel. Put on the Cape and jump into the Air Vent.

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